Websites Supporting EAL Education

Websites Supporting EAL Education

by Janine Classen

First of all, I would like to thank Katerina and Genna for their June blog post on technology in the classroom. I am now a devotee of Quizlet thanks to their recommendation. So, in the spirit of sharing, here are 4 reputable websites that provide support and advice to those working with English Language Learners.

1. The British Council is a respected resource that provides extensive support for both language learners and teachers. Do you need ideas for teaching the 4 skill areas or do you just need an innovative activity? Are you struggling in a low resource classroom? The British Council has suggestions to fill the materials gap and lesson plans to assist those in need of inspiration. My current favourite activity is “Talking Topics” by Jo Budden. “Talking Topics” is a do-it-yourself board game (template provided) where the teacher and/or the students create the questions. There are several options for play, all of which are clearly explained on the website.

Talking Topics – The British Council –

2. Usable Knowledge, created by The Harvard Graduate School of Education, is a free digital publication that connects research to practice. It is a reliable resource that distills information and ideas from a variety of sources. Although the publication has an American focus, the intended audience is wide as are the topics. There are many articles of interest to EAL teachers: “Linguistically Responsive Teachers”, “Newcomer Students in Rural and Urban Communities”, “Partnering with Newcomer Families” and “The Bilingual Learner’s Journey”. The articles are concise, educational, and a good resource for any teacher.

Usable Knowledge –

3. BBC Learning English delivers newsworthy stories via a user-friendly website. The website supports lower-intermediate, intermediate, and upper-intermediate English Language Learners. “English in a Minute” provides

quick useful information on English vocabulary and grammar. The needs of specific groups of learners are addressed through “English at University”, “English at Work” and “Pronunciation”. BBC Learning English is a useful website for both educators and language learners.

BBC Learning English –

4. If you love technology, then Educational technologist Kathy Schrock and her website, Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything, is definitely worth exploring. One of her developments is a list of apps that support Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy. The apps are categorized by level and device (ipad, android, G Suite, and online tools). If you like technology, but don’t know what to do with it, Kathy’s app list provides purpose and hope.

Kathy Schrock – Kathy Schrock’s “Bloomin’ Apps”