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As we move to supplemental learning in Saskatchewan, there have been a lot of online resources being shared by school divisions and social media. The executive wanted to share a few resources for supporting EAL students that may be new to you. Please reply to  if you have other resources to share, and we will post them on this website.

Multilingual Books & Resources at Saskatchewan Public Libraries: Print Books




Pear Deck;

How to use Picture Word Inductive Model & Sentence Patterning Charts in a Distance Learning Setting – YouTube Most stories will work better for elementary students, but will work great as home reads (with family), too. They updated the website with more information re how to link to curricula outcomes. And if you go to “create” section of the website, you can actually produce storybook yourself. This will work well both for assignments for students or creating resources for teachers to use with their students Talking to kids about coronavirus: There’s some really good material for teachers to think about and discuss with students. Yo-Yo Ma is sharing his #songsofcomfort on FB. It’s open to the public. An inspiring story to share with your students. Zohaib Begg, a 7-year-old from VA, is stepping up to help his community.  Students can work independently to improve their writing, from words to sentences, then paragraph to essay. There’s an interactive quiz that they can access.

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