Benefits of SK TEAL membership

If you are an STF member, you will have received the following email from the STF:

To support your professional learning as a teacher, a one-year membership to a professional growth network of your choice is included in your Federation membership. PGNs connect members with other teachers and professionals who share similar education and learning interests. STF members on a contract are encouraged to explore the PGN section of the Federation website to select a PGN…. Federation members can join more than one PGN; however, you are required to pay for any additional memberships outside of this offer. Please be advised that your PGN membership does not cover costs for attending PGN conferences and workshops. Visit the PGN section of the STF website. Log in to MySTF to see what’s available, to hear from other PGN members and to make your selection.  If you need assistance, please email or call toll-free at 1-800-667-7762.

One of the Professional Growth Networks supported by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation, its aim is to provide professional development opportunities and promote appropriate training for educators working with EAL learners at the Prekindergarten to Grade 12 levels, as well as those interested in EAL in the community, and to support the creation of materials and curricula that will effectively support EAL learners.

The SKTEAL Executive would like to encourage you to choose SKTEAL as your free PGN membership!