Launch of Kichi-Asotamatowin: Land & Treaties EAL Curriculum

MANSO and Immigration Partnership Winnipeg are very pleased to announce the launch of the 

Kichi-Asotamatowin*: Land & Treaties EAL Curriculum ( *‘sacred promises to one another, sacred undertaking’. There is no direct translation for the English word ‘Treaty’ in Cree). The curriculum is intended for use in LINC programs as well as more informal contexts like conversation classes and one-on-one tutoring.  Please feel free to share this widely with your contacts.


This project is the work of several organizations and has involved key partnerships with Indigenous agencies and individuals, including the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, University of Manitoba, Community Engaged Learning, and KAIROS Canada Inc.

MANSO and IPW are working on the next four modules of this project:

Bimikawesiwan: Assimilative Policies (Anishinaabe, meaning ‘no footprints’ and referring to the government’s attempt to erase Indigenous peoples and identity)

WiinjiindaaminWorldviews & Spirituality (Anishinaabe, ‘to follow the way of life’)
Zoonigiziyaan: Indigenous Resilience and Resurgence (Anishinaabe, ‘I am strong’)
Famili: Family (Michif)