What’s New?

Your SK TEAL executive is continuing with new initiatives this year.

A big thank you to the University of Saskatchewan  & Jim Cummins for the presentation on translanguaging, using one’s full language repertoire for learning, which was held online on June 3, 2021. 

The College of Education at the University of Saskatchewan has assembled a web page that includes all of The University of Saskatchewan College of Education Dr. Cummins’ handouts and the video recording. It is available here: https://education.usask.ca/news/2021/english-as-an-additional-language-webinar.php



SK TEAL & SSTS grant.  Click here to read:  Best Practices for Science and English Language Learning
and Grade 5 Forces and Simple Machines Unit & Materials

Co-hosted TESL Sask/SK TEAL conference

SK TEAL Teacher Mentorship program

Book Circles will continue in Regina and Saskatoon again this year. Watch for sign up information here and through your division. We usually meet right after school to discuss a new resource for EAL, which you then get to keep!

Saskatchewan Excellence in EAL award nominations

Please get in touch with us  if you would like to participate or have comments for your SK TEAL Professional Growth Network.